Travel or Not?

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This is the question we ask ourselves when struggling with limited means and income. We can either invest  and let the money grow or spend it on our dream holiday. Most end up choosing the first, hoping for better vacation in future sometime. But, the idea of growth has changed as the world became connected by internet. Internet is penetrating into the hearts of the small towns and connecting them. The trip which seemed elusive few years back has become very much in reach now with backpacking hostels, couch-surfing websites, airbnb, budget airlines, and social media advisors and networking sites. Earlier, the travelers were at the mercy of travel agents from visa to any sort of bookings. But now, one can easily go online, search, compare and book whatever they are looking for. “Let’s Google it” has become a common phrase in many households.

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We travel to add insights and change our perspective of how life is exactly for people all around the world. It makes us more informed, confident and social. We travel to create memories with our loved ones, to rejuvenate and relax. We travel because we are curious, to satiate our adventurous side, to add milestones to our lives, to learn new skills, to fulfill our dreams.

Travel photography has become a key link to connect these dreams with an individual. In this chaotic world, the one still serene picture of a pasture or a smiling kid enjoying life gives us a momentary pause in our own life when we are not only learning, but accepting and appreciating life. You can feel love, hate, anger, peace, smell of air, the colors, movement in that split second.

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Through photographs, our dreams which were only made out of others words start taking actual shapes. And with advancement in camera technology, increasing penetration of mobile phones and the advent of action cameras, we are now able to see more and more clearly what lies out there and why we want that travel dream to come true.

So, where should we go next?
Let’s Google it, mate!

3 thoughts on “Travel or Not?

  1. A lovely note egging all those smitten by the travel bug. Would be great if you could add places and descriptions so that more people like me would get tempted.
    Hats off to your spirit Let the creative juices continue to flow .


    • Thanks for the kind words, Tara!! More coming up soon. I will be covering all my travel experiences so far in future posts and I would love to get your feedback. Thanks again for your appreciation!


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