And it’s ringing!! – Inktober 2019 series DAY 1

“And it’s ringing” – Till today certain calls make me nervous to the hilt. Now the slo-mo is trendy, but nothing could beat the first landline phones which literally were the 120fps played at 24. The journey between the dialing of the number and by the time the cat was out of the bag, was sometimes nerve wracking, and sometimes full of excitement bursting to get out.

“Watched myself being tossed around
between whys and why nots
between what and what nots
Beat like a shuttle in a game of badminton
Then for a minute I crossed over
and landed in the court of
‘I should while I still have time,
I should while I still am the same’
and reached out to connect
through the only means I knew
As my fingers started
to rotate the reluctant spring loaded dial
The vibrations sent a million messages to my head
4…it’s a slam dunk
7…why did I even think so much
8…hope they pick up
3…well if not now then when
5…what would they think
4…they will be so happy
1…aw that’s a task

And it’s ringing…

It’s time I take the burden off
It’s time I dared to let the universe know :)”

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